Saturday, December 6, 2014

2014 Christmas Card!! And a Year of Blessings

It's that time again to share our traditional Christmas Card. 

In many ways, this illustrates our year. The kids… will be kids. They had a pretty good year. But breast cancer crashed in right around Valentines Day and changed most of the rest of the year. A double mastectomy, a follow up surgery later, and they say the prognosis is excellent. Here's Gelerie's take:

At 43, my 3rd yearly mammogram was far from routine and required further testing. The biopsy result was early breast cancer, Stage 0. Because it was too large, I had to have a mastectomy and since I am a worrier I decided it would be better to remove both. Thankfully, I was not required to have chemotherapy or radiation therapy and surgeries went well.

Here I am, in preop just about to change into my gown in April. Erik dared me to wear the outfit from last year's Christmas card and he had to pay me $100 buckaroos.

There is no video this year, but if you missed last year's video that goes with this outfit, here is the link that takes you to our famous music video.
Double Mastectomy in April      Reconstruction in October
Shout out and props to my work families at Poudre Valley Hospital and Harmony Surgery Center in Fort Collins. I had peace in my heart going into the operating rooms. You are the best.

I've missed a lot of work this year, but I haven't missed the joy and blessings of family and friends. Thank you to all who have kept me and my family in your prayers and thoughts. There is power in prayer! The cards, treats, meals, hugs and support have all been much appreciated and not forgotten. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

This reminds me that this place is not our home and I look forward to the day He returns and makes this world new and perfect again. No more sorrows, pain or injustice. 

Wishing you all a Merry, Merry Christmas!!!


The list of all of God's blessings to us this year would be too long and so here are the highlights....

Click on any photo to make it bigger. 

January Birthday Boy!!

Aubrey-Daddy Date with Photobomber in February

In March, we were in Maui and spent time with Gelerie's brother Francis. The following photos were taken at Maui Ocean Center.

Ran into friends in Maui

Erik and Francis rented some KLR motorcycles and spent two days trying to cover every inch of road we could all over (and all around) the island. It was probably the most fun I've had in Maui. If you're a rider, I highly recommend it! Word to the wise: it DOES get cold at 10,000 feet elevation even in Hawaii (Haleakala volcano road). 


Offshore at Kamaole Beach 
Iao Valley State Park
Near Nakalele Blowhole and Finn is upset that he can't stand close to the edge

Erik with friends on the way to the summit of Mount Evans (Elevation 14,265 ft).
On the west ridge, had a windchill of 9F -- in mid June!
Aubrey at Glacier View Ranch Summer Camp in June
Erik with friend Scott Indermaur at the beach in RI.
Erik was on the East Coast for a series of assignments at summer camps. 
Erik hanging with the models at Chestnut Lake Camp. 
Aubrey's 11th Birthday in August (Gelerie forgot the other 1)
Hanging out with cousins Elise and Elliot
In August, Aubrey participated in International Pathfinder Camporee at Oshkosh, WI with 45,000 kids and adults. We saw many friends and family there. It was awesome to reconnect and meet so many people from around the world. 

(some of) Gelerie's side of the family from California

Our Pathfinder Group

In September, Gelerie climbed and summited her first 14er, Mount Bierstadt (elevation 14,065 ft)
She continues to sew and craft and update her blog.

Gelerie here. I wasn't sure where to place this next bit, just because it's been an ongoing experience throughout this year for me. But if I was to capture it with one illustration this would pretty much cover it.

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