Monday, December 16, 2013

Why We Do This...

If you're reading this, there's a really good chance you either have one of our family 2013 Christmas cards, or you've seen it posted here. A natural question you may have (right after, "How will they afford therapy for their kids?") would be, "Why in the world do they do it?" Short answer: I don't know either.

My best guess is we do it because we have a blast doing it. It makes *us* laugh. Maybe because in real life, real life is, well, more mundane than our pictures, serious even. So this is an outlet. Besides, it makes lots of you laugh (or so you say).

But that leaves the question that sometimes goes unasked: If they do this for Christmas photos… what do they think of Christmas? Fair question. Most of Christmas (IMHO) has very little to do with what Christmas originally was -- which was not at this time of year, and didn't involve Santa or snow men or mall parking lots. But *any* time of year is a good time of year to practice giving and generosity, including Christmas. So we give to as well as fund scholarships for women in third world countries to obtain higher education. More than that, we're Christian. The kind that believes that God really *does* care about the hurt and pain and injustice in this world. He cared enough to send part of Himself, His Son, on a rescue mission for us -- the real meaning of Christmas. More than that, we believe Jesus is planning to come again, not quietly as a baby, but as King. It's not just a few shepherds who will know then -- the whole world will know beyond a hint of doubt the second time. It won't be on TV, and Congress won't debate it. It will be the end of the world as we know it, and the beginning of one that was always supposed to be. I invite you to read the story yourself. It starts in Genesis and ends in Revelation. Between there is the story of a God who keeps on keeping on reaching out to us, and in love, invites us to respond. It's not fiction, and it can change your life like it has mine. So indeed: Merry Christmas.


2013 Christmas Card!!

Here is our 2013 Christmas Card! Please note the QR code is REAL, not pretend. Click here for direct link. We love to hear from you! Comment below.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Year Review

Hi Everyone,

Gelerie here. I hope you all have had a great year. If you were hoping to see the Christmas Card, we will post it very soon.

This year Finn turned 4 in January and Aubrey turned 10 in August. Finn is always active and has only required one trip to the ER this year for stitches above his right eyebrow. Aubrey just got her braces in November and will wearing them for the next three years.

During Spring break vacation, we went on celebration cruise with Erik's parents to the Caribbean. They were celebrating their 51st anniversary this year and we celebrated our belated 20th anniversary.

Gelerie continues to enjoy providing anesthesia and also maintains a sewing/crafting blog.

Erik couldn't resist the Easter picture.

April showers bring May flowers
We also spent a weekend in early June at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The water was running at Medano Creek.

In June, we went on a 3,000 mile road trip in the Vanagon. Here we are about to jump in the van and go!

We went through Utah.

We visited Arches National Park and hiked up to Delicate Arch.

We also went to Zion National Park. We spent time in California with family and friends.

We went up Hwy 1 and stopped in San Francisco at the Exploratorium.

Other stops included Lake Tahoe, Steamboat Springs, and Trail Ridge Road crossing the Continental Divide.

Cinnamon Roll from Winona's in Steamboat Springs. It IS that big!
Trail Ridge Road

And home again...

Gelerie's Best Birthday Present Ever!

Helping Dad build Aubrey's birthday loft

Aubrey's New Loft
The rest of the year has been a blur. In September, east and west of us there was significant damage and tragic loss of lives due to the flooding here in northern Colorado. We are thankful that we were safe.

The flooding that we had here was nothing compared to the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. We have chosen to assist by donating to ADRA and encourage you to do the same or donate to another aid agency of your choice.  Here is the ADRA link.

Thankful that someday, the world will be made new again. No more tears and sadness only joy. Looking forward to the day when He comes again no longer the Baby born in a manger, but as our Redeemer in the clouds. Merry Christmas to you all and wishing you peace and joy this coming year.