Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Card 2011 (Click on Photo to Enlarge)

Yo Ho Ho!

So our Christmas card is out. And once again, we seem to have not taken Christmas that seriously. We sure don't in our pictures, that's true. But in real life, different story. If Christmas is to commemorate the birthday of Jesus, it would make sense to ask, "Well, what would he want?" Turns out, he wants us to have a heart like his. That is, one that sees value in people. One that puts service and others above self. A heart that sees a lot of room for personal involvement in making the world better. So we do. Rather than exchange (and then return) ties and socks and the like, we give to aid agencies that promote sustainable health and economic stability and education. So we support scholarships for those with little opportunity for education. We help provide clean water. And yes, we give a goat or a chicken once in a while. One of our favorite places to give is We invite you to begin your own tradition of giving. After all, what can you give to someone who already has everything?

We hope you enjoy our photographic and seasonal silliness. But more than that, we hope YOU have a great holiday season. Happy Birthday!

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last ten years unfolding said...

Thanks for remembering my birthday!! ;o). And may yer Christmas be jolly as well. HO HO HO