Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hula Wyoming -- the big little trip

A big road trip through Wyoming was our trip-o-the-year. We went up through Thermopolis, Cody, and into Yellowstone. Photos of the entire trip here… [sorry, blogspot's nifty "link" tool is not working, so you have to cut and paste that into your browser]. Our grand trip was cut short because the Vanagon's alternator konked out just as we drove into the Teton National Park. Bummer. But a small miracle: there was a Bosch starter in stock at the Jackson Napa store (and the folks there helped me put it in). So we just jetted on home from here. Oh, and because of a poor mechanic's job in Greeley before the trip, we ended up with a gastank of water and therefore a night in a truck stop parking lot. I don't think Aubrey minded at all -- it's all camping and fun to her. At home and $14 later, fixed the gas tank. Overall, still a fun trip.

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