Sunday, November 30, 2008

Erik & Gelerie News 2008

Just in case you were wondering, that's not a special effect of Photoshop in the 2008 Christmas Photo. A friend mentioned her abs in the trailer photo and I said, "oh, we'll feature her abs again this year…" So here's the real deal. Expected due date is mid/end January. Aubrey is calling him "Nugget" for now (as in "chicken nugget.") We expect to have a more fitting name here in a bit.

And for those who might like a more traditional photo of the family than our Non-Traditional photo gives…

In late summer Gelerie relented and let me ride a motorcycle, and let me tell you, I rode like the wind! (wheels courtesy of Reuben Kahler. Thanks, Reuben!)

Erik bought some decent back country cross-country skis and went out a few times with his buddy Eric Aakko. All we need is another Eric and we'll be Erik, Eric, and our friend, Eric (or Erik). Any takers?

Eric Aakko and I also rode to the top of Trail Ridge Road* via the old Fall River Road, which is dirt. (*they say Trail Ridge is the highest paved road in North America -- my lungs agree). We did the ride after the road opened, but before it was opened to vehicles. This is shot up near the top. That's Eric on the road.

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