Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Aubrey News

She's getting taller and smarter. She's been busy this year. Here's a few highlights from '08 in the world of Aubrey:
Long hair…

We saw a deer in the back yard after a beautiful, gentle snowfall. It was a magic moment for us both…

Aubrey was a flower girl in Mandi and Adam Gane's wedding, and did a great job. Mom made the dress for her (for Aubrey, not the bride!)

Other big news: Aubrey started Kindergarten this year. That was made much easier since she knows some of the kids from church and such. She also knows the teacher, Teri Smith, because Teri was her babysitter for over a year and Aubrey knows her girls too. She's pretty proud of being in school now.

Aubrey often plays hostess at the house too. Not sure what we'll do when she and her friends outgrow the flower table I made her.

She's a good listener (that's her great grandfather, Avery Dick telling a great story).

No idea where she got this from, but she LOVES eating snow. Loves it. Every time it snows, her taste buds must start getting excited. No worries about proper hydration. More worries about hypothermia: she spends half her time outside eating snow. Now, before I get worried emails and a visit from child protection agencies, that's TANG on the snow she's eating and grape snowcone syrup on the other half. Sheesh, you guys. I'm a better dad than that!

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