Thursday, November 29, 2007

Family News Recap: 2007

This is how the magic happens. You'll be surprised to learn that the heart of this year's theme was Gelerie's idea. You go, girl. Aubrey was game (heh, heh) and we went dashing off to make a picture. So, when you see the Stenbakkens in camo, you know it must  be family picture time… or something.

Erik: Lots of work here and there. I hired a new First Assistant and Marketing Assistant. Lots of ideas cooking, and if some of them see the light of day, you'll read about them on this blog… or not. Mostly, I'm really thankful for my health and family. 

Gelerie: Hi all! Most of you already know that I joined a different anesthesia group in January 2007. They are based out of Fort Collins which is 30 minutes away. I work in Loveland and Fort Collins at various surgery centers and two hospitals. I also have recently (September) finally have gone part-time (30 hrs/wk average). It is awesome! First few days I sat around wondering what to do. I am enjoying more time spent with Erik and Aubrey and also taking care of stuff that has been put aside due to lack of time. Still like cooking, crafting, singing at church, surfing the web-- trying to get rich and retire early.

Aubrey: Very much the budding artist. We're going to encourage it as a hobby but steer her toward hospital administration. She surprises us with exaggerated imitations of our mannerisms. Most of them are of Erik. Her first narrative is below about a baby fish named Rachel? who grew and grew until she was all grown up and 13 years old.

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raintree's village said...

Hey! I loved your Christmas letter- of course, I always love your Christmas letters- one of the treats of the season!

And Aubrey is turning into a beauty!
Love to the family:)