Thursday, November 29, 2007

Erik's Adventures

In May, Erik went on a bike adventure to Moab, Utah. Turns out those rocks are hard and ribs are softer. Result: broken rib, and later discovery of a herniated disk in C6/7 causing nerve issues on my right arm. With some good PT (thanks, Steve!) and perhaps a miracle, I now have no lingering issues. It was a fairly painful summer in some ways. That's not me up on the rock, FYI, but one of the guys I rode with… till I couldn't ride.

In July I had a photo assignment in Montana, so put on a few extra days and went to Glacier National Park. Clay Schwarck went with and we met up with Chuck and Kelly Hagele and we did some camping and hiking. Probably the most amazingly beautiful day hike I've been on in this country. Very like Switzerland. 

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